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Reaching out to ask for help can be scary, but our admissions team is here to guide you through every step of the process. The need for treatment doesn’t arise at the most convenient time that’s why patients may be referred, assessed and admitted 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Following a confidential assessment, our experts identify the most appropriate type of treatment and a referral is made to the program that is determined to be the best fit.

Lakeside’s treatment programs offer a variety of scheduling options, including days, evenings, weekends or a combination of the three. Each patient’s needs are different, so programs are of varying duration, and because some may serve as a transitional step between an initial crisis and re-entry into daily living activities, a patient may move between different levels of care throughout the treatment process.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System is focused on solutions. Each day we concentrate all of our resources and energy on providing the highest quality, most cost-effective behavioral services available. Our focus on solutions for our patients means that we are constantly working to maximize our care. That means every service we provide is designed to produce the most clinically appropriate solutions to the serious problems facing our patients.

We remain focused on our goals through constant and ongoing monitoring of our systems, programs, outcomes, patient and referral source satisfaction. We utilize this information to constantly improve upon our systems, treatment protocols and outcomes in order to further benefit our patients. At Lakeside, we live our mission of providing modern psychiatric and addiction treatment that not only serves the needs of our patients, but their families and loved ones too.

Admissions Patient Satisfaction Survey - March 2019

1. Receptionist staff friendly when I presented for assessment and assisted appropriately with questions. 138 98%
2. Did you assessor or the supervisor inform you about the assessment process and what to expect? 138 96%
3. Did they take time to answer your questions? 138 99%
4. I was treated with respect and dignity by my assessor and other staff members. 138 99%
5. Was the environment clean and presentable? 138 99%
6. I would recommend Lakeside to my family and friends. 138 98%

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