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Every day, millions of people suffer from diagnosable mental illnesses including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, OCD, panic or trauma. Left untreated, these illnesses create a degree of incapacity that interferes with relationships, employment, education and everyday life. Fortunately, treatment is available. Lakeside has long been a leader in the field of behavioral health. Our programs allow each individual to gain the education and skills needed to manage their symptoms, problem solve, recognize life stressors and cope effectively with their illness. Patients also benefit from medication management, grow from interacting with those in similar situations and learn to verbalize their feelings — finding health and healing along the way.

Lakeside Levels of Care

Every Lakeside program — from Inpatient and Partial Hospitalization (with or without boarding) to Intensive Outpatient and Residential Treatment — is designed to meet specific clinical needs. Our team of trained professionals provides confidential assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to determine the appropriate level of care for each individual’s unique situation.

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Mental Health Treatment

Each individual’s treatment experience at Lakeside begins with an evaluation conducted by a needs-­assessment staff member. The information gathered during this assessment becomes the foundation of the personalized treatment plan developed specifically for that patient. A therapist works directly with the patient to develop goals that address current issues, and the treatment plan is reevaluated periodically to measure progress and improvements. Family members are encouraged to become active participants in their loved one’s treatment as well. This is an opportunity to explore feelings and thoughts that have affected the entire family, ask questions and learn from others in similar situations.

Bipolar Treatment

Lakeside’s Bipolar Track is led by a multi-discipline team with the primary goal of helping patients and their families understand the nature of the illness, and then providing proven treatment strategies that can lead to useful and productive lives.

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Co-Occurring Disorders

Substance abuse is often accompanied by a significant secondary condition that contributes to an individual’s alcohol or drug misuse. Often misunderstood, chemical dependency is a progressive, potentially fatal disease. When accompanied by other mental health problems it’s important to treat both simultaneously for the best long-term results.

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Neuroscience Center

The Neuroscience Center at Lakeside was established to provide patients with safe and effective therapy that can treat the symptoms of a multitude of treatment-resistant psychological illnesses. We offer both Electro Convulsive Therapy (ECT) and Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), both shown to be effective in treating depressed patients.

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Suicide Prevention

Suicide is the No. 3 cause of death among Americans, with suicide rates quadrupling in the past 40 years. Lakeside’s Adult Suicide Prevention was designed to reduce the risk of suicide by addressing psychiatric illnesses associated with increased risk of suicidal behaviors – especially mood disorders, addictions and psychological traumas.

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Trauma Resolution

Adults and adolescents suffering from psychological trauma can benefit greatly from Lakeside’s specialized trauma resolution treatment. Traumatic life events can cause a wide range of issues, while treatment focuses on neutralizing the memory and reducing the related symptoms. Experts use Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and other methods to achieve positive results.

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