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Lakeside Behavioral Health System has created a series of informational videos for patients, providers and loved ones to learn more about our programs, services and facilities. Watch the videos below to educate yourself on what our facility has to offer to patients of all ages.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System

CAPTION: Fully accredited, state-licensed and Medicare certified, Lakeside’s comprehensive inpatient and outpatient programs are tailored for patients of all ages.

Child and Adolescent Services at Lakeside

CAPTION: Lakeside offers separate, specialized, comprehensive programs tailored specifically for children and adolescents with psychiatric issues and substance abuse disorders.

Geriatric Services at Lakeside

CAPTION: We provide a high-quality, comprehensive mental health program for senior adults in a caring and sensitive environment.

Lakeside Admissions

CAPTION: Our team of trained professionals provides confidential assessments 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to determine the appropriate level of care for each individual’s unique situation.

The Landing at Lakeside (for Professionals)

CAPTION: The Landing Mental Health Program was designed and built with impaired professionals and high-functioning adults in mind. This space meets this population’s unique treatment needs.

The Landing at Lakeside (for Addiction Services)

CAPTION: Lakeside has decades of experience dealing with psychiatric illness and substance addictions. The objective of The Landing is to return an individual to their daily routine as soon as possible.

Electroconvulsive Therapy at Lakeside

CAPTION: ECT (Electroconvulsive Therapy) treats severe episodes of major depression, mania and some types of schizophrenia.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation at Lakeside

CAPTION: Since the late 1990s, physicians have used TMS to treat Major Depressive Disorder in adult patients who have failed to achieve satisfactory improvement from antidepressant medications.

Lakeside’s Latest: Doctor’s Corner

CAPTION: Exclusive interview with medical director Dr. Daniel S. Boyd & Radwan Khuri.

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Recovery Begins Today

Lakeside Behavioral Health System’s Assessment Center is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a no-cost mental health assessment for you, your loved one, or your patient/client. Call us at 901-377-4700 or visit our facility to get started. For additional questions about our programs, you can also use our online contact form. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.


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