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Our ultimate goal is your restored health. Within our system of care are professional, proven treatment programs that allow each person to grow and learn — through their own self-discovery and from those in similar situations. In every one of our programs, patients gain the education, skills training and symptom management tools to not just cope effectively with their illness but to live a happy, healthy, fulfilling life.

While we think of most physical illnesses in specific terms — a broken leg, lung cancer, diabetes —  behavioral health issues are seldom that specific. Mental illness covers a multiplicity of symptoms brought on by a long list of causes and complicated by human behavior. Everyone doesn’t respond the same, and each patient’s needs are different. That’s why Lakeside offers a variety of specialized programs for children, adolescents, adults and seniors.

The programs vary, but many of the treatment components remain the same. They may include a combination of coping skills training, identification of warning signs and triggers, communication skills, problem solving, verbalization of feelings, relaxation techniques, identification of negative thought patterns, assertiveness training, addressing unresolved grief and trauma as well as medication management. Together with additional treatment methods, these skills lay the groundwork for lasting recovery.

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