Recovery from drug and alcohol abuse can be difficult to maintain. At Lakeside, our experience has been that patients have a much better chance to maintain recovery when they are provided with a structured treatment program that is longer than acute hospitalization can provide. Lakeside provides residential treatment for both adult and adolescents. The Landing at Lakeside offers a residential treatment track for adults, while Recovery Academy offers a residential program for adolescents.

In Residential Treatment, patients benefit from similar services to acute hospitalization but with fewer individual sessions with their psychiatrist. This program provides substance detoxification services through a planned, therapeutic 24-­hour living situation with specific levels of supervision, structure, restriction and multidisciplinary treatment intervention.

Residential treatment includes:

  • 24-hour nursing supervision
  • Intensive medication management by a psychiatrist
  • Individual therapy
  • Our Psychological Trauma program
  • Intensive family workshops and family therapy
  • Multi-family group therapy
  • Psychotherapy groups
  • Lectures and psychoeducational groups
  • Recreation therapy
  • Comprehensive discharge planning