Pandemic parenting: Quick strategies for reducing conflict and increasing self-esteem with young children

Alida Gage, Ph.D., HSP Licensed Psychologist Clinical Director, Lakeside Behavioral Health Systems, Child/Adolescent Services Raising young children in the best of circumstances, while rewarding and joyful, can sometimes feel frustrating and overwhelming to say the least (I am the mother of two young children myself, so I know it’s been a wild year). During the [...]

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Feeling overwhelmed by stress and uncertainty?

You are not alone. In these difficult times, anxiety and depression can interfere with your ability to work, sleep, study, eat and enjoy life.* The good news is these conditions are treatable and help is available. There is hope for those who are struggling with severe depression and other debilitating behavioral health issues. You owe it [...]

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Get Moving for Better Mental Health

Recreational therapy can help you reach your goals The research is conclusive: physical activity has benefits both physically and mentally. “Physical activity may play a central role in mood regulation and can help improve your health and quality of life. Not getting enough physical activity can increase your risk for diabetes, heart disease, cancers and [...]

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Feeling sad? Overwhelmed by stress?

You are not alone. Did you know that depression is a common-but-serious mood disorder? It can interfere with your ability to work, sleep, study, eat and enjoy life.* You owe it to yourself and your family to get your life back on track. Depression and other mental health disorders require treatment, like any other health [...]

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Dispelling Five Common Addiction Myths

By Christa A. Banister With a topic as significant, far-reaching and complex as addiction, it’s particularly important to separate fact from fiction. Whether it’s widely believed misconceptions that have proven inaccurate because of new research or falsehoods masquerading as reality on any number of websites by experts who haven’t been thoroughly vetted, it’s important for [...]

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Why Mental Health Matters at Work

By Becca Owens Mental health struggles have a unique way of affecting every area of life, including work. We can’t simply turn off any potential feelings of panic or depression for nine hours a day, so it can be a struggle to pursue healing from a mental health disorder and remain engaged and productive at [...]

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Detox Explained

By Cindy Coloma Luke stared at his phone. His screensaver showed his wife and daughter smiling back at him in the picture he’d snapped last year on vacation. Shortly after they returned from their trip, things began falling apart. Luke had been drinking since his college days, but in the last year something had shifted. [...]

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Common Reactions to Trauma

By Kathryn Millán, LPC/MHSP 2018 has brought devastating news of shootings, disasters and trauma right to our homes through television and phone alerts. Mental health surrounding trauma has become a household discussion, but there are still a number of different ways to describe trauma, and a number of ways to understand what could be considered [...]

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