Nov 2016 (Bartlett, TN) – Lakeside Behavioral Health Systems opens its newly built Geriatric Building on Tuesday, December 13, 2016 located on the campus of Lakeside Behavioral Health Systems, 2911 Brunswick Road. The new building is specifically designed to care for older adults and those seeking mental health care who may also require some assistance with activities of daily living.

Monday, December 12th An Open House is being held from 2PM-4PM to celebrate the grand opening of the newly built Lakeside Geriatric Building to preview the 48 bed hospital including a centralized nursing station, ECT, TMS and medical clinic area.

“Older Americans have a lot to celebrate on their birthdays; living longer and leading more productive lives than ever before.  Until 2030, 10,000 Americans will turn 65 daily; individuals over the age of 65 will jump to 18%—up from 13%.  Many are healthy and active, but several have one chronic condition requiring medical care, and 1 in 5 have a diagnosable mental disorder.  These statistics call for a ‘retooling’ to provide person-centered care for aging Americans” says Joy Golden, CEO of Lakeside Behavioral Health System.

Mental health problems are often under-identified by healthcare professionals and older people themselves, and the stigma surrounding mental illness makes people reluctant to seek help. Many are reluctant to go for help due to the fear associated with mental disorders and lack of trust in the quality and effectiveness of treatment. Prompt recognition and treatment are essential which includes both psychosocial interventions and medications. Lakeside has both the psychiatric and medical expertise, as well as a solid reputation, of providing care for this increasing vulnerable population.

About Lakeside Behavioral Health

Over the past 48 years Lakeside has been known as a premier behavioral health care provider with a strong patient/family centered culture.  Our mission is to provide quality psychiatric and addiction healthcare services that patients will recommend to families and friends, physicians will prefer for their patients, payers will select for their members and for which employees are proud.

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