Program Overview

Recovery Academy is a treatment program designed to address substance use and/or abuse issues concurrent with general psychiatric disorders. Recovery Academy is designed to help adolescent males and females ages 12-17 (or 18-year-olds who are still in high school.)

Recovery Academy is far more than an addictive disease program. Because of our use of the 12-step recovery model, the program is also highly effective for adolescents dealing with a long history of cutting and self-injurious behavior as well as eating disorders. In addition, groups on trauma resolution, addiction, and anger management are a regular part of the program.

Recovery Academy addresses all of these issues throughout a multi-level treatment program design. The treatment program consists of:

  • Phase I – Inpatient Treatment (Acute and Residential)
  • Phase II – Partial Hospitalization/Day Treatment
  • Phase III – Intensive Outpatient Treatment
  • Phase IV – Aftercare, Outpatient and Community-based AA

There is flexibility through the individualized treatment plan, and an adolescent can enter Recovery Academy, at any of the first three phases, based on their clinical situation.