Program Elements

The Cresthaven Residential Program (CRP) at Lakeside Behavioral Health System is based on the 12-Step model for those with addictions or a dual diagnosis (also known as a co-occurring disorder.) This programs treats each patient’s physical, emotional and spiritual needs 24-hours a day, but in a less restrictive environment than inpatient hospitalization. The additional care provided after hospitalization and detoxification is found to be beneficial in maintaining the patient on the road to recovery. The residents reside at Lakeside in the evening and program with participants in the Chemical Dependency Partial Hospitalization (Day Treatment) program in our on-campus outpatient clinic. This gives participants the opportunity to experience being around others who are further along in their treatment and to embrace sober-living. Patients will enhance their understanding of addiction through educational and process groups. Both will help the patient facilitate change in their own lives, as they face their addiction and begin their recovery.

In the evenings, patients return to the residential program where they participate in individual therapy, goal-setting, big-book studies, journaling, and support groups.

This two-fold therapeutic approach allows the patient to benefit from the experience and expertise of our therapy staff.

Families are encouraged to participate in the treatment of their loved-one by joining multi-family groups. Here, families learn from each other and the facilitator how to cope with the illness, how to support recovery and how to prevent a relapse. The family’s role in the recovery-process is essential and their help and encouragement in the recovery process is welcomed and encouraged.

The recommend stay is 28-45 days, depending on the individual’s treatment needs. This length of stay may include a combination of detoxification, residential treatment, day treatment and intensive outpatient therapy.