About the Program

Addiction and psychiatric illness have a profound effect on a person’s life. Both can cause changes in thoughts, feelings, behaviors and physical function. Relationships with family and friends and work performance are often negatively affected. Both the addictive disorder and psychiatric issues need specialized attention to effectively promote recovery. It is our experience that without this dual treatment approach, recovery is more difficult to maintain.

The Cresthaven 28-Day Residential Recovery Program is one of Lakeside Behavioral Health System’s multiple programs designed to treat persons struggling with dual diagnosis (also known as co-occuring disorders.)

This 28-day residential program is based on a 12-step model that treats each persons’ individual physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs. Following American Society of Addiction guidelines, treatment includes group therapy, individual and family therapy, as well as specialty programs for trauma and suicide intervention. The treatment team consists of qualified professionals including therapists, case managers, addictionologists, psychiatric nurses specializing in addiction, drug and alcohol counselors and a psychiatrist. The secure environment in the Cresthaven 28-Day Residential Recovery Program also includes nursing care 24-hours a day.

Relapse potential decreases the longer patients are actively engaged in recovery. This can be accomplished by connecting several treatment options together.

For more information about the Cresthaven 28-Day Residential Recovery Program or to make a referral or schedule an assessment call 901-377-4733 or 1-800-232-LAKE.