Lakeside Residential Treatment

Since 1967, our campus has been a retreat for those suffering with and committed to conquering addictions to drugs and alcohol. Although the campus and the surroundings have changed over the last 40-plus years, Lakeside’s dedication and philosophy has not.

Lakeside Behavioral Health System’s Adult Residential Program is a voluntary treatment program specifically designed to help men and women overcome addiction and co-occurring challenges. We are not unique because of the exceptional clinical and professional staff or even the comprehensive approach we use in recovery. What sets us apart is forty years of history and several thousands of alumni and their families whose lives have been forever changed.

As one of the few, dual-diagnosis facilities fully licensed in both substance abuse and behavioral health, we’ve helped men and women struggling with addiction, depression, trauma, mood disorders, bipolar disorders, panic attacks thoughts of suicide and anxiety. Lakeside is able to stabilize the patient during a crisis situation, and work with them to achieve outstanding results.

Additional information is available regarding our facilities, staff, treatment philosophy and services. We offer individualized treatment programs that are tailored to each patient’s specific needs. We help each client to feel understood without judgment, insecurity or shame.

About the Program

The Cresthaven 28-Day Residential Recovery Program is one of Lakeside Behavioral Health System’s multiple programs designed to treat persons struggling with dual diagnosis (also known as co-occuring disorders.)

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Program Elements

The Cresthaven Residential Program (CRP) at Lakeside Behavioral Health System is based on the 12-Step model for those with addictions or a dual diagnosis (also known as a co-occurring disorder.)

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Phases of Treatment

The residential and outpatient programs' length of stay is individualized for each patient. However, recovery is not a one-time event. It is an ongoing process that is successful only with the commitment of the patient and a support system and treatment program that is dedicated to helping people live sober lives.

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What to Expect

While each patient’s daily schedule may vary, a typical day in the recovery program may include: - Meditation - Goals Group - Newcomer’s Group - Recovery Skills and Coping Skills Groups - Process Groups - Therapeutic Assignments/Activities - Journaling - Specialty Groups - Individual Therapy - Family Therapy - Recreational Therapy - 12-Step Meetings - Spirituality Groups

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Referral Information

Admissions to the Cresthaven Residential Program are accepted seven days a week. Admission is open to patients regardless of race, creed, national origin, religious beliefs or professional affiliation.

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Payment and Insurance Information

Lakeside has a wide range of payment options, and accepts most commercial insurances, as well as Medicare and Medicaid.

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Addiction Questions and Warning Signs

When we're headed for trouble, there are usually warning signs.

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