Tips for Parenting Children


  • It is important to note that children learn how to act by watching their parents.
  • Consistency in following through with consequences is key.
  • It is important to remain calm and be in control of your emotions when dealing with your child’s negative behavior.
  • Recognize your child’s good behavior and abilities.
  • Children respond well to structure and routine in their daily life.
  • Bedtime routines help a child to relax in preparation for sleep.
  • It is important for parents to take care of themselves so they have adequate energy to care for their children. This means adequate sleep, exercise and nutrition which helps keep the stress level manageable and emotions in check.
  • Set aside time each day to talk with or engage in an activity with your child. It may only be 10-15 minutes but the child will feel that they are important in your life and it will build their self-esteem.
  • Offer your child choices rather than ultimatums.
  • When talking to your child about issues or behaviors keep the focus on the behavior.
  • When dealing with negative behaviors, pick your battles.
  • Time outs need to be a learning process not a punishment and therefore the behavior and the consequences for that behavior need to be clearly stated.
  • Be consistent in using time outs and be certain the behavior has ended before the time out begins.
  • If your child has tantrums and you have tried all the suggestions listed above, it may be time to sit down with others and in order to problem solve and assist the child in gaining control of their emotions and behaviors.