Warning Signs of Alcoholism

When we’re headed for trouble there usually are warning signs. If you recognize two or more of these signs they may be telling you that you or someone you know is headed for trouble.

  • Argue with relatives and friends about drinking.
  • Begin drinking to relieve or avoid getting physically or emotionally ill.
  • Build up a tolerance level so have to drink more to get drunk.
  • Drunk at inappropriate times (work, school, family time)
  • Feel guilty about drinking but has never really tried to stop.
  • Get physically or emotionally ill when not drinking.
  • Give up hobbies and outside interests due to drinking.
  • Intend to take only one drink or to stop totally but continue until drunk.
  • Know all of the above is happening and still keep drinking.
  • Spend a lot of time figuring out how to get drunk.