Lakeside’s Young Adult program is geared toward the unique behavioral health challenges of young adults. At this time of life, issues can arise as young people try to find their way in a world. Milestones like graduation, beginning college, marriage, starting a family, beginning a career or exploring newfound independence can trigger fear, make them feel misunderstood and bring behavioral health issues to the surface.

About the Program

Lakeside’s Young Adult Program is designed to address the age-specific issues young adults face. This post-9/11 population views life differently than generations preceding them and are struggling with behavioral health challenges, addiction or both at the same time. To prepare our patients to meet these challenges, the Young Adult program offers an integrated continuum of care for individuals with mental health or co-occurring disorders. Patients and their families participate in a comprehensive therapeutic approach, consisting of individual and multi-family therapies designed to assist them in dealing with the special challenges facing the family and the young adult.

Key Program Components

Lakeside’s treatment philosophy is built on education, cognitive restructuring, emotive therapies and group sessions. Patients move through progressive levels of care while participating in specialty groups that help them identify and manage underlying issues that drive their addiction or behavior. In addition to specialty process groups focused on young adult issues, patients undergo goal development training, life skills education and vocational rehab services, as needed. Each patient enrolled in the Young Adult program will also be given the opportunity to participate in other specialty programs that address bipolar spectrum, suicide intervention, trauma resolution and substance abuse.

Who is a Candidate?

The Young Adult program is open to young men and women ages 18-25 who are out of high school but dependent upon family support and with a family’s willingness to participate.